Interactive design exhibition to reframe contemporary, urgent issues.

In a semester long class titled Design Performance, we developed and deployed 6 interactions at the Wanted Design exhibition. Our roles varied throughout the project.

Classroom Interaction

Researched U.S. education system and developed the interaction concept under the framework of triage for Classroom (with Kuan Xu and Will Crum)


Designed overall project unifying elements, including: name, logo, triage card, color palette, brand elements. (with Bernice Wong and Juho Lee)

Electronics & Coding

Lead electronics circuitry and Arduino coding team of 5 classmates across the 6 interactions during the production phase (team: Louis Elwood-Leach, Jiani Lin, Manako Tamura, and Jingting He)

Project manager

Coordinated class of 18 students to produce the 6 interactions, collateral, and electronics. Managed project budget and overall timeline to successfully deploy on time (with Manako Tamura)

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In Classroom, visitors are asked to triage the U.S. education system by prioritizing six budget areas—facility, peer environment, safety, accessibility, pedagogy, and educators. Based on the education priorities they select, Class Room transforms into a ‘distraction desk' where the participant must answer a pop-quiz while literally tormented by their choices. Each distraction represents disadvantages students are likely to face in the educational environment the participant created.


Prototyping Classroom Interaction


Collaborating with Bernice Wong and Juho Lee, we developed the Triage brand throughout the semester as each interaction was finalized.


Additionally, we created the bonus, 7th interaction of the exhibition - the Triage card, where physical souvenirs from each of the interventions come together in a way that ranks their newly-revealed priorities—sorted from most pressing to least. Visitors leave the exhibition with newly-discovered points of view, uncovered biases, and heightened enthusiasm. 

triage card2.jpeg


Branding In-process Development


Electronics & Coding

During the production phase of the project, I lead the electronics team to finalize circuit boards, write the Arduino code, solder the proto-boards, and setup battery packs & power solutions for each of the 6 interactions.