Signal Lost: Broadcasting Hopes and Fears is a classwide publication from SVA's MFA Products of Design, class of 2018 which explores the hopes and fears that stem from current events and trends. The imagined correspondences in the publication contemplate the different perspectives, voices, and audiences involved in the conversations we are (or should) be having. The title, "Signal Lost," is meant to evoke the missed connections that still plague our pervasively interconnected world.



After the 2016 presidential election, Andrew wrote a letter to his 15-year-old cousin as a response to the chauvinistic political rhetoric and the country’s tacit acceptance of misogynistic behavior. Although this letter was written in 2016, the unfortunate reality is that this same message has been written throughout history. The typewritten form of the letter is a representation of how society has been sending this message for awhile now and even though there has been progress, there is still a long way to go.

This letter was written from a personal point of view, however the message of this letter is meant for every girl out there looking for support. And, to act as a reminder that progress will be made as society comes together and people keep fighting, hoping, and dreaming.


Cover design and publication layout were co-created with Bernice Wong.