MoMA Product Design

* Note - these are concepts only. None of these products are currently in production


A collaboration between SVA's Products of Design department and the MoMA Wholesale Catalog - we developed 5 product concepts along the theme of travel and work.


Project Type 
Product and Packaging Design

Smruti Adya

MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts
Guidance from Sinclair Smith & Allan Chochinov
Spring 2017 and Spring 2018

Mondrian Boxes

This set contains 7 mini boxes inside an enclosing total box which is arranged and inspired by Piet Mondrian’s painting Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow (1937-42).

Peg Organizer

This desk organizer, inspired by the peg board, customizes to your accessories, whether you want it to lie flat or stand up, the board adjusts to your needs. Easy to modify and makes your desk organized and beautiful. No assembly required, plug and play. 

Transparent Glasses Case

Make your glasses famous and place them onto the eyes of Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic Reverie (1966).

Famous Eyes - Glasses Pouch

Protect your glasses behind the iconic eyes in MoMA's collection of Pop Art. The pouch is made from microfiber to protect and clean your glasses simultaneously. Product available in 3 styles: Roy Lichtenstein's Reverie, Roy Lichtenstein's Drowning Girl, and Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe.

Pop the Pill! 

Pop artist inspired pill boxes featuring iconic works across the top. A set of 7 boxes for the week with the individual containers snapping together magnetically. Product available in 2 artist versions: Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup and Keith Haring's multitude of characters.