My name is Andrew Schlesinger. I am a multidisciplinary designer living and studying in New York City.


I found the powerful world of design by way of engineering. After graduating with a degree in Industrial & Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2011, I spent the next 5 years at Apple in California. While at Apple, I focused on the development and mass production of iterative generations of the iPhone in close collaboration with the industrial design and product design teams. Apple and the amazing design teams helped excite my curiosity for the surrounding built environment and see our intimate experiences with objects. 

Eager to shift into a creative, strategic role, I have since left Apple to pursue an MFA at the School of Visual Arts in the Products of Design program. I am passionate about pressing issues our society faces today and believe design needs to be at the center of these urgent issues - driving social and behavior change for good. At Products of Design, I am involved in sustainability initiatives and political action committees to drive progress within the community. 

Although all of the above is on the serious side, I tend to design at the extremes: either deeply meaningful or overly silly (i.e. SillySpace). 

A few other activities I enjoy are reading in hammocks on the beach (or just being in a hammock anywhere), hiking and climbing in the woods, and biking through busy streets. I also like to pretend I can dance.

Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in collaborating.

Thank you for stopping by!



PDF of my resume available here